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From Idea to Design, Prototype to Production with Precision

Acme Spring manufacture of high quality compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, circlips, flat spring clips and pressings in a wide variety of materials. We have the ability to produce a quality product at the right price, delivered when the customer requires. Acme Spring is family owned, now in its second generation.

This family involvement has allowed Acme Spring to establish long serving relationships with many suppliers and customers, with some being customers for over 50 years. With customer demands requiring forward planning Acme are able to produce springs on an ever shortening lead time.

This relies on a good supply base together with colleague awareness of the high customer demands on quality, price and on time delivery. These demands have not passed us by and with recent investment in CNC strip, coiling and wire forming equipment we are able to offer speedy deliveries.

We hold stock of product for all major customers offering next day delivery on selected products. If this is a facility you would be interested in please let one of our team know and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

All our springs are manufactured to the highest quality standards to allow our customers the assurance of a finished product they can supply directly to their line.

To find out more, please get in touch at 0121 553 0756,  [email protected] or fill out the contact form below.

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Services The Acme Spring Co Ltd Provide

Our Springs

Compression Springs

Compression springs are the most common type of helical spring. When compressed from its free length the spring applies a resistive force. This increases at a standard rate for a standard compression with constant diameter and pitch and wire size.

Tension Springs

Tension springs, sometimes known as extension springs, are coil springs, normally tightly-wound, that are loaded in extension And have many different types of ends known as hooks, eyes or swivel loops.

Torsion Springs

Springs which work in twisting motion are known as Torsion Springs applying a resistance in the twist (a torque). Generally, torsion springs are used when the spring tightens.

Wirework / Wireforms

There are many different types of wire forms. These can be from simple hooks and brackets to complicated linkages for machinery, precision components for electronics, and automotive parts or welded assemblies for production line machinery.

Garter Springs

A garter spring is a coiled steel spring that is connected at each end to create a circular shape, and is used in oil seals, shaft seals, belt-driven motors, and electrical connectors.

Metal Pressings / Spring Clips

We manufacture spring clips and pressings in many metals, many of which are heat treated and plated. Our quality department prides itself on the accuracy and quality of the parts it produces.

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  • 1932
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